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As a guest at Sagafjord Hotell, you will quickly get out on a trip. Here, there are fantastic mountains in summer and winter.
In the middle of the Sunnmør Alps lies the impressive peak Slogen. Despite its pointed and steep appearance, the peak is relatively easy to climb. From the top you have a fantastic view of the surrounding peaks and the green valleys deep down by the Hjørundfjord
1564 m.a.s.l
From Kvistadsætra in Kvistaddalen you go further into the valley in the direction of Vasstøylvatnet. From the valley you look up at the Kvistadkjerringane, a row of small pointed peaks. When you have arrived about halfway between the sætra and the water, you turn left up a marked path in the valley between Blåhornet (1120 m) and Skårasalen and follow this up towards the gorge to Lisje Skåradalen before the path turns right up the last 300 meters of altitude to tops. It is an advantage to follow the path because of the loose clock in the upper part of the Skårasalen. Estimate about two to three hours to the top.
1542 m.a.s.l
You can start the trip both at Leknes (where the ferry quay is located) or from Urke (between Leknes and Urke). From Leknes, you will find hiking signs already from the ferry quay and up past the farm. Find tractor road in the direction of Leknesnakken. Turn off to the north and follow the path that leads diagonally north towards Leknesdalen.
1074 m.a.s.l
Leknesnakken lies at a fjord junction and from here you can see lush valleys and down into deep fjords. Here you can enjoy yourself for a long time if you wish. You can do this trip as a round trip between Leknes and Urke, perhaps ending up at Urke Kaihus for a refreshment before the trip home.
526 m.a.s.l
Together we walk from the fjord and through the forest. After a while, we are on one of the most easily accessible viewing peaks in inner Sunnmøre. The view is fantastic. A nice walk in the vicinity of the hotel.
440 m.a.s.l
A great trip in the vicinity of the hotel. We go out along the shore towards Hustadneset before we make our way up. First, we go through cultivated land before we enter Sunnmøre’s steep forest. Here, every step provides buoyancy and more views. It is steep, but not very demanding.
450 m.a.s.l
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