In 1987, the hotel gained new ownership in the form of Oswald Longva, a fishing boat owner from Ålesund, and Hotel Sagafjord was established. With the addition of new rooms and facilities, the hotel’s reputation grew, attracting visitors from near and far. The hotel received recognition in the form of the building style award from Ørsta municipality in 1989 and the product development award from the Travel Association in Møre & Romsdal in 1993.

After operating in collaboration with Ivar Åsen Hotel in Ørsta, a change of ownership occurred in January 2012. An investor group purchased the property and underwent extensive renovations and expansion. The “new” version of Sagafjord Hotel opened its doors on July 6, 2012, continuing the legacy of excellent hospitality and unique nature experiences.

Today, under the leadership of Classic Norway Hotels following the takeover in 2022, Sagafjord Hotel continues to attract visitors who seek to be enchanted by the magnificent views, savor culinary delicacies, and embark on extraordinary adventures in the majestic landscape surrounding the hotel. With a history filled with passion, hospitality, and a love for nature, Sagafjord Hotel is a destination that guarantees unforgettable experiences for all its guests.