Let yourself be seduced by the fantastic view while you enjoy something refreshing from the bar or a nutritious meal. In our lounge you can relax in front of the fireplace, plan the next day’s excursion, enjoy a good book. Out on the terrace or down on the quayside, you can let nature come to you.

Our conference department consists of 3 conference rooms, in various sizes, with all the technical finesse. We tempt you with homemade meeting food, quiet surroundings and the opportunity for an energizing break in nature.

The wild and majestic area around the hotel provides the perfect setting for a variety of nature experiences. Together with our partners, we do our utmost to facilitate these.

The fantastic area around the hotel provides the perfect setting for adventurous experiences.

It was a local baker who got the idea to start a cafe and guest house on Sæbø – and so began the story of Bondalselva Strandhotell, as it was then called. The old timber walls found in parts of the building stock are over two hundred years old, and originate, among other things, from an old school oven and other old timber houses from Valdres. In 1986, an architect from Ørsta was hired, and during the year the hotel had 16 rooms and two suites. But at that time it was politically impossible to get municipal permission to serve alcohol. The only option was to get government permission, but to get it the hotel had to have a minimum of 20 rooms and status as a tourist hotel. Two rooms were missing, and construction continued. Bondalselva Strandhotell became a reality with 30 rooms and a yard with detached houses. The hotel lost some of the summer season in the first year of operation and it ended in bankruptcy after barely a year of operation. But that’s how it was at the time – you were alone in a market, with little or no one to collaborate with. The summer market was also on the way down and in Ålesund they considered closing hotels in the summer and only having one hotel open. At this time, Ålesund was far from becoming a major tourist magnet.

In 1987 Hotel Sagafjord opened – with the fishing boat owner Oswald Longva from Ålesund as the new owner. He employed hotel director Håkon Otterlei, who was also from Ålesund. New rooms were built.

The boat people discovered Sæbø and the adventure hotel with a goat on the roof in the beautiful Hjørundfjord. At the same time, the hotel became a popular eating place both for boaters, the many camping tourists and salmon fishermen on Sæbø. The hotel has been well run for many years and built up a good reputation within many market segments. In 1989, the hotel received the building practice award from Ørsta municipality and in 1993 the product development award from the Tourism Association in Møre & Romsdal. In recent years, the hotel has been run more or less jointly with Ivar Åsen hotell in Ørsta.

In January 2012 there was another change of ownership, when the investor group consisting of Tryggestad Eiendom & Finans AS, Wenke and Jon Ketil Gjørtz and Handelshuset Rønneberg AS stepped in and bought the entire property mass. After extensive rehabilitation and extensions, the “new” Sagafjord Hotel opened on 6 July 2012.

The story of Sagafjord with school stoves from Valdres

​After full rehabilitation, Sagafjord Hotel reopened its doors in July 2012. The old timber walls found in parts of the building are over 200 years old and originate from an old school stove from Valdres. Skulestova, which is a separate part of the hotel, contains 3 suites, 2 good double rooms and a comfortable lounge with fireplace.